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At ESCD’s headquarter in Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany, we offer apprenticeships in both the technical and the commercial field. Please note that you need sound knowledge of the German language (written and spoken) to qualify as an apprenticeship candidate.

In the technical field we train microtechnologists (“Mikrotechnologen”) as well as machine and plant operators (“Maschinen- und Anlagenführer”) and warehouse logistics specialists (“Fachkräfte für Lagerlogistik”).

In the commercial field we train industrial management assistants (“Industriekaufleute”) and office administrators (“Bürokaufleute”).
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Why do we offer apprenticeships?

We assume that, in the light of the growing industry of microtechnology, many microtechnologists will be needed in the near future. Therefore, we would like to make our contribution to ensuring that there are enough well-trained specialists on the market.
In addition, this will enable us to secure highly qualified employees who will ensure that we can offer the quality in our products as we currently do.

What does a microtechnologist do?

He uses process engineering to produce microtechnological products without which mobile phones, PCs, computer-controlled machine tools and TV sets would not exist. For instance, he solders micrometre-sized components onto printed circuit boards. This requires not only a sharp eye and a sure hand, but also absolute precision and care. And because even the finest grain of dust could destroy a microchip, a microtechnologist works in a clean room with dust-free air. But this alone is not enough. He must always keep an eye on the entire production process, including quality control.

Microtechnologists fill the gap between engineers and technicians on the one hand and semi-skilled workers on the other. This is one of the reasons why they must deal with complex tasks in the working world. Even as trainees, they should learn to solve these problems independently and in a structured manner and then present them transparently to their colleagues.

SMT line with printer, mounting device and ovenAOI inspectionassembly board

Apprenticeship as microtechnologist at ESCD

At ESCD, the basic requirement for an apprenticeship as a microtechnologist is a very good secondary school certificate. In addition, applicants should have a strong interest in science. A good knowledge of English is also an absolute advantage, as technical documents, such as assembly plans, are often written in English.

The microtechnological products manufactured at ESCD are primarily intended for industry. However, we offer a wide range of training opportunities to prospective employees and prepare them optimally for their demanding and varied careers. Therefore, we exchange our apprentices with the Munich company Mair-Electronics.

We also maintain a very close cooperation with the microtechnologies department of the vocational school in Itzehoe. There, the school training takes place in four three-week teaching blocks. From there, day trips to companies and research institutes are also undertaken on a regular basis. ESCD GmbH was also visited on this occasion.

All in all, the profession of microtechnologist is a job field that requires you to be innovative and inventive and offers a flexible and varied career with excellent prospects for the future!