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Jahnstraße 6
25541 Brunsbüttel

Phone +49 4852 - 87 001
Fax +49 4852 - 87 003



Follow us on our new construction project for the expansion of our production facilities:


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Competent and innovative. The ESCD Team

The ESCD team now consists of over 90 employees.

ESCD's quality standards place high demands on the innovative strength and flexibility of each individual member of the ESCD team. This also manifests itself in the corporate culture of the ESCD, in which team spirit and talent promotion are lived.



What characterizes us?

A clear structure of the work processes and the delegation of a high degree of personal responsibility promote the efficiency of our work. We regard the professional competence and moral integrity of our employees as an indispensable prerequisite for the successful implementation of our business aspirations. This goal is served by careful education and training.

Our ► quality management system  guarantees transparency in all work processes and serves to build trust with our customers and suppliers.



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